Cross-Game Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) Multi-Chain NFT MetaVerse


21 June at 13:00 UTC




Total rise $ 50 000

Sale type Tokens Token SOM Token price $ 0.006 Raise network BNB Chain Raise currency BUSD

8% TGE unlock, 1 mo cliff, 11 mo linear vesting

First wave opens
21 Jun 10:00 UTC
Token distribution
21st June

League of Empires is the first ever true MMORTS game on blockchain. It offers a rich and immersive gameplay. Train and command your troops in stunning 3D wars!

Form alliances, fortify your land, deploy different strategies and increase your defences to protect your treasures from enemies. Gather resources and train your army to build up your power and expand it into a mighty Empire.

Experience blockchain gaming at its best! Challenge the world in multiplayer PvP style with a custom army of your favourite units. Think & play as a general. Build artillery and use it tactically on battlefields or sell it on the marketplace. Battle through different conquests, enjoy an adrenaline-filled gameplay and earn $LOE tokens along the way!

Key Highlights:
  • Console quality graphics
  • Real-time battle control
  • Nonstop events & campaigns
  • High entertainment value
  • NFTs
NFTs Integrated:
  • Land
  • Artillery
  • War commanders
  • Leagues
Token Utility:
  • Minting NFTs
  • Buying and selling assets on Marketplace
  • Staking for NFT rewards
  • In-game activities and purchases
  • Governance and voting
  • Upgrades
  • Fee for multiplayer matches
  • Minimum requirement to hold tokens to play the game

Players will have a full control over their politics, diplomacy, empire formation and customization, troops building and war strategies.

Players will also be able to form alliances with players from different parts of the globe, participate in tournaments, and play in Leagues. Along with earning by achieving certain milestones in the game, players will also be able to earn by minting new NFTs which they can either use in their gameplay or sell on the marketplace for other players to use.


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